Twitter, Isaac Newton, Aikido and Life

Twitter teaches me a lesson

I had idly been aware that for the last several days (or weeks) that my number of twitter followers had remained roughly the same. Now one day I saw a follower and looked at his followers and found several that I would like to follow so I did! What happened next was that many of those I had just followed followed me back and my followers number increased! Amazing, you might say but you see this made me think; simple thing is, that by performing an action something that had not been happening – happened.

Isaac Newton did not have twitter but knew how to get followers

Anyone who did O level physics knows that it was Isaac Newton who said every action has an equal and opposite reaction and I think this is a lesson for us all to learn outside of it’s obvious application to physical laws. You see, I was not get new followers because I was not doing anything to get them. By taking action I started a reaction that brought me new followers. Brilliant! Now I am sure this simple lesson can be applied to many things? In business, how many companies or small businesses sit around moaning that here is no trade when maybe they should be taking some action in order to get the reaction that will bring them that trade?

Aikido is no different

In our training we often find that we have periods where little or no progress is perceived and we regularly look to find reasons or excuses as to why this might be. Rarely do we look to apply the Newtonian law and take some action to bring about the reaction we are looking for. Applying more effort, really listening to everything the instructor says or just getting the right mind set for a class are all actions that might just bring the reaction we are looking for.

A final word

Just a thought, but I wonder if this also works if we go about our daily life being polite, respectful and kind? Would this action lead to others being polite respectful and kind to us? Only one way to find out!!

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About shudokanpreston

Served for 27 years in the RAF. Now running a full time aikido school in Preston Lancs teaching all ages.
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